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Astar Heating & Air in the News

Astar Heating and Air was recently featured in the Times Herald-Record for their work assisting a historic building in the area.

Check out the article here. It was a job well done by Comfort Consultant Jeff Abraham, Operations manager Jeremy Dunitz and the entire install team at Astar Heating & Air!

St. John’s A.U.M.P Church is still looking for help with donations. If you are able to help you can mail a check to “St. John’s AUMP Building Fund,” c/o The Goshen Independent, PO Box 628, Goshen, NY 10924, or visit search for “St John’s AUMP Goshen Building Fund,” and click on the “donate” button.

Clean/durty air duct

What Nasties are Hiding in the Duct Work in Your Home?

Here at Astar Heating & Air, spring is always the busiest time of year for us when it comes to duct cleaning.  After a long, cold northeast winter, many homeowners get the urge for a good spring cleaning, opening their windows and letting the fresh air fill their homes.  But what do you do about the dust, dirt and grime that became stuck in your ductwork over the winter months?

What’s Hiding in Your Ductwork?

During the winter, all the dust and dirt tracked in, contaminates and bacteria get trapped inside your home.  The ductwork in your home is often described as the “lungs” of your home which implies whatever it breathes in, will eventually be breathed out.  The National Air Duct Cleaners Association estimates that the air in your home circulates air pollutants through your ductwork five to seven times a day.  Over time, dirt attracts dirt and dust attracts dust, creating a nasty build-up in your duct work.

While opening your windows in the spring time can bring in some much needed fresh air, doing so will do nothing to help clean your ducts.  Only a professional duct cleaning service with the right equipment can get all that nasty build-up out of your duct work and out of your home.  Astar Heating & Air has been helping families throughout Orange County and beyond keep their ductwork clean and families breathing safely all year long.

Special Tools For a Thorough Cleaning

Our specialized equipment utilizes the latest technology to clean out the supply, intake and return ducts in every room of your home.  In a home with just one or two people, you may be able to get away with having your ductwork cleaned every few years, but a family of four or more may choose to have their home’s ductwork cleaned once a year due to the benefits it brings to their home and their health.

The Benefits of Yearly Duct Cleaning

Keeps Your Allergies at Bay

The biggest reason families choose to have their ductwork cleaned once a year is due to allergies.  Dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and even rodent excrement all build up in your ductwork throughout the year.  Getting your ductwork professionally cleaned by Astar Heating & Air after a long winter prevents all that nasty stuff from circulating back through your home during the winter months.

Cleaner, Fresher Smelling Home

If you’ve ever walked into someone’s home only to be hit in the face with a musty smell, it is most likely that they’ve ignored having their ductwork cleaned.  Bacteria, mold and pet dander are commonly found inside ductwork which can cause unpleasant odors in your home.  Having your ductwork regularly cleaned results in fresh, pleasant smelling rooms throughout your home.

Lower Your Energy Bills

This one is easy.  The less resistance the air has as it passes through your ductwork, the more efficiently it will circulate through your home.  If the air is being disrupted by dust, dirt and debris, your HVAC system is going to work extra hard to get that air to the rooms in your home and won’t be running at peak performance.

Less Dusting and Cleaning

If you find yourself constantly dusting your furniture, your home probably needs a good, professional duct cleaning.  Another telltale sign is dirt around your vents and accumulation on the carpets in front of your vents.  Make your life a little bit easier with a professional duct cleaning and spend more time doing the things you love and less time cleaning your home.

Get Your Ducts Cleaned Today

Fill out the form on this page or call us today to schedule your duct cleaning service.  Your home, and your lungs, will thank you for it!

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