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Professional & Dependable $189 Sink Drain Clearing

Clogged sink drains can be incredibly frustrating and seem to happen at the most inopportune times.  Not only are they inconvenient, a clogged kitchen sink, bathroom sink or laundry room sink can be a sign of a much bigger problem like a backed up sewer line.  If you need sink drain clearing services, trust the expert plumbers at Astar Services to get your drains flowing for the low coast of $189 and avoid the constant battle and headache that comes with having a clogged drain.

Our professional drain clear team is highly trained in the best techniques and tools to handle even the most difficult clogged sink.  When you call us, you’re guaranteed that our team will arrive on-time with the tools on hand to get your drain flowing before we leave your home.  For bigger issues, such as a clogged sewer line, we have professional cameras and tools to identify blockages and clear lines with our commercial grade equipment.

What Causes Sink Drains to Become Clogged?

You’re not alone.  Clogged sinks are among the most common issues that cause homeowners to reach out to a professional plumber for help.  Over time, soap scum, hair, dirt and more can cause your sink to start draining slow and lead to a clog.

Additional factors that can lead to a clogged sink include:

  • Foreign objects getting washed down the sink such as cottons swabs
  • Putting unapproved items down your garbage disposal
  • Cooking oil or grease poured down your kitchen sink drain
  • Objects from your pockets being evacuated into the laundry sink from your washer

Regardless of what caused your sink to clog, a backed up sink can be a real hassle for a homeowner.  While plunging, residential snakes and chemicals can sometimes get your sink draining again, the results are often a very temporary solution.  Having a professional come to your house with the proper equipment will get your drain lines nearly as clean as the day they were installed.

Preventing Future Drain Clogs

Making a few small lifestyle changes can help you keep your sinks clear and draining as they should.  Being diligent about making sure no foreign objects are washed down your sink and cleaning up long hairs that fall into your sink with a tissue are great ways to keep your pipes clog-free.  Wiping plates down and emptying grease from pans into your garbage, rather than your garbage disposal, is also a great way to keep your kitchen sink in proper working order.

When Stubborn Sink Clogs Happen, We’re Here to Help

When difficult sink blockages occur, you can always count on the professionals drain clear team at Astar Services to arrive on time and get your sink flowing free.  Call or fill out the request for appointment form on this page to get started to a clog-free sink in your home.

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