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Adam Kmiec Retirement

Astar's Party Speech for Adam Kmiec,

When I was telling my family I had to write a retirement speech, they got all excited!!! , until I told them it wasn't for myself.

32 years ago who knew that hiring Adam, would be one of the most important decisions I would ever make. Adam would develop an installation division for Astar, second to none in the tri state area.

He then introduced me to another future employee, who developed Astar's world class Service and Preventive maintenance division, John Bova. Helping each other as brothers they wrote Astar history.

I believe they might have produced the movie "Step Brothers" or were the lead rolls as actors. I know John will find it hard not having Adam by his side day to day.

Over the years Adam has trained many of us here, and many others, to enjoy safely their career while providing for their family's in HVAC business.

Adam always acted selflessly, taking call or going beyond to help his fellow teammates. He never wanted to be owed favors, just gave of himself 100%

I spent countless hours with Adam, developing Astars' Best practices, in how we install our products. We spent so much time with each other our families were starting to wonder what was going on.

One of the Adam trademarks that will live on is that he always wanted to build a "Brick Shit House" out of everything!

He drove all of our salesmen crazy! Ken Carsen told Jeremy Adam always builds brick shit house and all the customer wanted was a wooden out house!

Can't leave unmentioned Adams truck building skills. He always wanted to have the shelving system outlast the trucks life. He used to tease Peter Wilcox that he built his trucks with bubble gum.

Looking forward I know I will never fill your shoes. You will always be the tip of the spear for Astar. If you believe in destiny as I do, then our life we lived together, was meant to be.

Go enjoy your life. Get that hobby, Fly Fishing with Russell. Travel; enjoy your beautiful family, most of all thank you for being Adam.

Saving the best for last I want to thank Chris for allowing me to share Adam.

Forever thankful, Laura and Ed Engle

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